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So much going on this week!

Today marks my very first day as Class of 2016 in the MFA Visual Narrative program at SVA. Super excited and nervous and eager to see how my working method and storytelling evolves over the next two years. Also looking forward to meeting new folks with different approaches to telling and presenting stories. My first (most likely intense) week back in school will be followed by two events this weekend…

You'll find me and the rest of the Three Armed Squid gang selling silkscreen goods and comics at the Grand Comics Festival this Saturday from 11am-7pm. I'll be debuting my Uncanny Alien Raver postcard set, featuring 7 delectable mutants heroes and villains.

Right after GCF I'll be high-tailing it to Grumpy Bert's for the opening reception of Life on Mars, featuring work from Apak, Monica Ramos, Scott Albrecht, Brendan Monroe, Evah Fan, Andrew Bell, Ramiro Davaro-Comos, Theo Ellsworth, Michael Hsiung and myself! I'll have two pieces appearing in the show, one of which I've posted for your viewing pleasure above. Prior to the reception, special guests will speak about the current happenings on the planet Mars. Seating is limited, so shoot an email to bert (at) to secure your spot! Special guests include Miriam Kramer (Staff writer,, Caleb Scharf (Director of Astrobiology, Columbia University) and Chris Patil (Mars One Project candidate). I'm sad to miss this discussion but hopefully I'll be able to get the cliff notes version when I arrive. Don't fret if you can't make it; the show will be up through July 13th.


Thanks to everyone who went to see Narwhal and the other amazing MoCCA Arts Festival Award of Excellence winners at the Society of Illustrators this past month! I'm so grateful to the judges and the SoI for exhibiting my work. Hopefully I'll have another opportunity!


Come on down tomorrow for some libations, good company and to view the MoCCA Arts Festival Award of Excellence winning work of David Plunkert, Greg Kletsel, Jess Ruliffson, Luke Healy and myself! Festivities will begin at 5pm in the third floor Hall of Fame Dining Room (check out our exhibition on the second floor as you head upstairs!). A $5 cover charge will go towards the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Fund.

Hope to see you there!


TCAF RECAP! It was my very first time at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (and Toronto/Canada). It was held at the magnificent Toronto Reference Library (5 floors of books!) during a gloriously sunny weekend. The festival ran smoothly, thanks to The Beguiling and the TCAF volunteers. Saturday was especially packed, with the diverse crowd oozing excitement and eager to engage. By Sunday, several highly sought after books were sold out (like Jillian and Mariko Tamaki's This One Summer). Some exhibitors were so popular as to be extremely difficult to approach; it took me 15 minutes to get close enough to Peow! Studios' table to just glance at their gorgeous risograph books. There were familiar faces in the vast sea of exhibitors: Andrea Tsurumi, Keren Katz, Molly Brooks, Nick Bertozzi, Pat Dorian, Josh O'Neill and Andrew Carl of Locust Moon Comics and of course my table mate Estrella Vega.

Now calls for lots of reading (sadly I have not yet taken a picture of my TCAf haul but I promise you there is one) and working on some upcoming group shows (more on that soon!). And of course, Grand Comics Festival, which will be held on June 7th at Bird River Studios in Williamsburg. Thank you TCAF, The Beguiling and Canada for making my trip a memorable one! Hopefully I'll be back soon!


T'was a grand ol' time at MoCCA this past weekend! Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table, adopted my silkscreen books and engaged in small talk with me! I sadly didn't get to chat with everyone at their tables but I was able to visit some! It was really hard sticking to my MoCCA allowance this year. So much good work out there!

In an unexpected yet pleasant twist, I won a MoCCA Arts Festival Award of Excellence for my silkscreen book, Narwhal! I'm so grateful to this year's judges and the Society of Illustrators for the honor. A special thank-you goes out to James Strum for rallying behind my little narwhals! Congratulations (and many high fives) to the other winners of the Award of Excellence: David Plunkert, Greg Kletsel, Luke Healy and Jess Ruliffson!

While this year's MoCCA has come to a close, my festival circuit has just begun. Next up: TCAF!


MoCCA Arts Fest is quickly approaching! I will be tabling with fellow squid Alden Viguilla and Mauro Balcazar, a contributor in the upcoming issue of Three-Armed Squid. We’ll have lots of new comics, posters and silkscreen goodies at our table, D12, so drop by and say hello! MoCCA Fest is held at the 69th Regiment Armory, April 5-6, and will be open 11am – 6pm. Previews of everything I’m bringing soon!


Another year has come and gone! Looking back at all I accomplished in the past year, I can say I met and sometimes went beyond my 2013 goals!

  • More comics & illustrations. Not only did I make more comics this year, but one of them was published in the first issue of Quarter Moon Magazine, curated by the cool folks over at Locust Moon Press. I'm currently working on a themed comic for their third issue, an a 1-page comic for their Little Nemo tribute anthology.
  • More collaborations. My friends and I self-published another issue of our zine anthology, Three Armed Squid, this time with a little help from our friends! The zine literally tripled in size. Our third issue is going to be EVEN BIGGER. Hold on to your tentacles. Good friend Kim Ku and I tag-teamed again to make another round of Rawrs & Noms, which to our surprise sold out at MoCCA.
  • More festivals. I upped my 2012 total of 3 to 4! This year will mark the first time I attend a festival in another country: TCAF!
  • More traveling. While I didn't exactly leave the country, I did make the rounds here in the good ol' USA! I visited Philadelphia a couple of times, spent a long weekend in Miami, attended a bachelorette party in Las Vegas and spent time relaxing in rural Pennsylvania (I don't go out much because of time and monetary constraints, so this is a lot for me!).
  • Group shows and more! I contributed work for AMMO Magazine's Poop Deck Project at the Coningsby Gallery, Small Ass Zines, and Silver Screen Society!

(Forgive my list-making. I love lists) I'm eternally grateful to everyone who helped me achieve my goals! 2014 is already shaping up to be a very promising year and I'm eager to see how it unfolds. Here's to the long and winding road…


Happy Holidays to all! It's been a busy couple of days (excluding a short getaway to Lewisberg, PA to visit friends!). There are 3 (!!!) comics in the works, plus some illustrations for Silver Screen Society on the queue. Recently, I made a tiny, tiny zine about kiwi birds competing in 'Best in Show' for Small Ass Zines, helmed by the lovely Ness Lee! SOOOO happy to be part of the group! I had fun drawing and inking these little guys. If you find yourself in Toronto, you can nab a small ass zine of your own for a loonie at Art Metropole.


Thanks to Andrea Tsurumi for taking a lovely solo shot of me!

Thank you to everyone who braved the storm and stopped by the Degenerate Craft Fair this weekend! I had a good time but it left me completely exhausted. All my wares were well received and I even sold out of my Frida Llama notebooks! Luckily this is my last fest/fair of the year, so I can hunker down and work on new things for the spring.


This weekend I will be selling my comics and wares at the Degenerate Craft Fair, along with my Three-Armed Squid buddies Estrella Vega and Alden Viguilla. I'll be debuting a few new items, including a holiday Llama Salutations card, a new Alien Raver in Wonderland mini-book and Frida Llama blank notebooks. Hope to see you there!


Many thanks to my friend Ann-Marie, who stuck with me all day and took this lovely picture of my table!

Last weekend was the Locust Moon Comics Festival, held in Philadelphia, PA (or as the highway signs like to say, Phila). It was held at the Rotunda, an old church in the University City part of town. It was an unseasonably warm day, which got warmer as the place started filling up. Luckily, the Locust Moon staff handed out water bottles throughout the day. I must have drank my body weight in water!

Aside from the constant sweating, I had a really good time. I was glad to see some familiar faces in attendance and make some new friends in the process, including Andrea Tsurumi, Pat Dorian, Dean Haspiel, Gregory Benton, Mike King, Boyoun Kim, Sue Jean Ko, Frank Reynoso and Alex Eckman-Lawn. I only regret not being able to walk around at a leisurely pace to see everyone's work! The Locust Moon crew did a really job putting the festival together. Hopefully I will return next year with some comic debuts (and a portable fan, just in case)!

I'm also working on a new Alien Raver in Wonderland mini-book. This one has Alien Raver attending the Mad Tea Party with his "friends" standing in for the Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse. You can follow my silkscreen progress on Instagram or Twitter!


This Saturday, you can find me at the Locust Moon Comics Festival! I'll have copies of my newest book Narwhal, Owl Maiden tote bags, Llama Salutation greeting cards and more! LMCF will be held at the Rotunda in Philadelphia from 10am - 6pm. Follow the map to find my table. Hope to see you there!


Some of my silkscreen books and Llama Salutation greeting cards will be on sale at Grumpy Bert's table this Sunday at the Brooklyn Book Fest. If you find yourself in the area, swing on by and say hello to Bert!


I'm featured in the fourth issue of Ink and Arrows Design Magazine! I talk about how I came to the realization that I wanted to be an illustrator/cartoonist and a little about my process. Many thanks to editors Alexandra and Amalia for reaching out and putting everything together. Also featured in this issue are Feline Zegers, Nate Hinners, Sam Rowe, Kara Smarsh and many more!

Read the issue here!

I'm also very excited to announce that I'll have a comic in Locust Moon's upcoming anthology, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream. This Winsor McCay tribute features the likes of Paul Pope (!!!), Bill Sienkiewicz, Neal Adams, Jim Rugg, Becky Cloonan, Scott Morse, Camilla d’Errico, David Petersen, J.G. Jones, Chrissie Zullo, Mark Buckingham and many more. It will be printed as both a newspaper and hardcover book at the full-size of the original Little Nemo pages (roughly 16" x 21"). WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE MY EXCITEMENT. I'll be sure to share all my work-in-progress as I work on the comic.


Last night at the SVA Gallery

A BIG thank you to all who stopped by to check out the show! Minah Kim did a great job of curating and putting everything together. All the yummy food and beer provided was also very much appreciated. It's so interesting observing people reacting to your work. If you weren't able to make it to the reception last night, fear not! The exhibition will be up until July 24th.


Good news everyone: I'm part of the School of Visual Arts All-Staff Art Show! The exhibition, featuring over 60 works of art by SVA's administrative staff, runs for a week at the SVA Gallery. I'll be displaying 4 of my Uncanny Alien Raver paintings, including a BRAND NEW PAINTING! The reception will take place this Thursday, 6-8pm. I hope to see you there!


I've finished working on a new Alien Raver comic that will appear in Quarter Moon Magazine next month (launched by the awesome folks over at Locust Moon Comics in Philadephia). I will also be participating in their Locust Moon Comics Festival in October (which is currently accepting applications for exhibitors!). This is my longest Alien Raver comic to date AND it features a new character. Now that this comic is done, I will start on a new batch of Uncanny Alien Raver paintings and post them later this summer. Hoo-ray!

A quick video demonstrating my inking process using Faber Castell PITT pens and my light box (Look ma', no lines!)


Photos by the ever awesome Andrea Tsurumi

The Grand Comics Festival round-up: I had a great time hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones! As it was GCF's first year, I had no idea what to expect. Luckily, the weather was great, the space was bathed in natural sunlight and well-situated in Williamsburg. Pat Dorian did a great job organizing and promoting the festival, including making everything super easy for us. I sat next to my Three-Armed Squid cohorts Estrella Vega and Alden Viguilla. There was pretty good foot traffic throughout the weekend, yet not so much that you weren't able to see everyone's table or chat with the artists. I was so honored to be in the same room as all these amazing artists! I restrained myself from buying everything in sight, but I did make out with goodies from Andrea Tsurumi, Anuj Shrestha, Chris Butzer and Fay Ryu. Another bonus of attending these festivals is the residual inspiration you get from seeing all this great work. I'm totally revved up to make new things!

I hope we meet again next year, GCF!

Photo by fellow squid Alden Viguilla