Recently I was asked by a long-time friend and her business partner to rework the logo for their jewelry company, Earthy Chic Boutique, in Miami. The logo they were originally using was no longer an option, however, they wanted to keep the general idea behind it: whimsical, playful and hip with a delicate and polished feel.


Elements were taken from the original logo and simplified in this first batch. The logo needed the following prerequisites: everything was to be contained within heart shape, a butterfly and flower(s). I presented various iterations using the aforementioned list, even some type-only options. They liked a combination of the flowers/vines that created a heart shape and the half butterfly/half flower combination. As for the lettering, they wanted me to stay closer to their original font. Back to the drawing board!


Here I combined the two concepts they liked best and gave them two distinct options. The top one is more ornamental (resembling a piece of jewelry) while the bottom one is more playful. These differences are also reflected in the lettering.


Option 2 was the winner! Hoo-ray!! I imported my pencil sketches in Illustrator and created the final logo using the pen and brush tools, finishing it off with their signature pink.

Please visit their newly launched website and check out their beautiful necklace, bracelet and ring collections!