Can't believe it's 2013 already! 2012 started out great but unexpectedly nosedived into an overall hard time. Not sure if I'll ever completely recover, but underneath this heavy-hearted pragmatist is a hopeless optimist. I have to hope that good things await me somewhere out there. Luckily not all was bad last year. In fact, I accomplished quite a bit:

  • Participated in 3 festivals this year. And made back the cost of the table each time! And some profit!!
  • Worked hard at the printshop this year. Put out a couple of new mini-comics and a set of llama greeting cards.
  • Collaborations! Co-founded a comics collective with friends called Three-Armed Squid and put out a small comics anthology (with a new one on the way!). Worked with close friend Shalimar Luis to create beautiful baby shower invites for our mutual friends. Finally, created a set of small prints called Rawrs & Noms with friend Kim Ku.
  • Alien Raver made a bit of a resurgence this year, being featured in my series Uncanny Alien Raver and in two books, Quilt and Mushrooms.
  • Picked up more freelance work this year. Woo-hoo!
  • Created artwork for several themed art blogs like Silver Screen Society, Beast Every Week and Raygun 52.
  • At the last minute got an art studio with Shalimar!

While I got plenty done, I want to get even more done this year. More comics, more illustrations, more collaborations, more festivals. I'd love to contribute to more themed blogs and even some group shows in galleries. I'd like to see my comics in stock at my local comic shops in the city. I'd like to sketch more often and even daily. I want to travel more, relax more, enjoy more. Here's to working and playing hard in the upcoming year. Cheers!