1. An ode to Parcheesi.


  2. This narwhal’s on vacation! 

    Made this little animation for Grumpy Bert’s FlipBooKit group exhibition which opens on Saturday, November 22nd. Several of my friends (Kim Ku, Grant Lindahl, Nate Bear) will be in this show as well! More information soon. 

  3. Some more character sketches. Things are looking rough for my protagonist. #inktober

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  4. Character sketches for class/a future Owl Maiden comic. #inktober

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  5. My work is featured in the new issue of Yucca Magazine! yuccamagazine.com

  6. Posing with my cat ladies at St. Mark’s Comics/One-Shot Gallery! Many thanks to Brian for inviting me to contribute! :D #daughtersoftheatom (at St. Mark’s Comics)

  7. Falling a little behind on my #inktober drawings. I’ll make it up by doing some Sailor Moon fan art this weekend! In the meanwhile, here’s an Alien Raver #tbt to hold you down.

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  8. Alien Raver tailor. #inktober

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  9. Just keep swimming. #inktober #narwhals


  10. Every Saturday morning, I’d wake up super early to watch X-Men:The Animated Series. I’ve collected several X-Titles off and on over the years (mostly anything with Rogue in it). And I even watched the first trio of X-Men movies (so many conflicted feels). So I was pretty excited when I was invited to participate in One-Shot Gallery’s Daughters of The Atom group show! I had a blast working on my tribute to Wolfsbane and Dani Moonstar and cats.

    If you are in town for NYCC this weekend or in the neighborhood, stop on by this Friday night! Not only will there be cool X-Women art, but there will be an epic X-Women cosplay contest judged by yours truly and the other artists from the show. 

  11. Elephant crane #inktober

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  12. Pt. 1. I’m forever chasing Bey and Jay. 

  13. A very late (or early?) #inktober drawing. ‘03 Bonnie & Clyde.

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  14. Alien Raver and a turliphant as Fiona and Cake for my first #inktober drawing!

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  15. Hudson County, NJ residents, artists, and art lovers: Please support this Kickstarter project! One of their murals were recently painted over in my neighborhood to its detriment. Hopefully they’ll get funded and repaint that wall! Visit their website for more info: savagehabbit.com (Mural shown painted by Smithe, Seher and Kraken)