T'was a grand ol' time at MoCCA this past weekend! Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table, adopted my silkscreen books and engaged in small talk with me! I sadly didn't get to chat with everyone at their tables but I was able to visit some! It was really hard sticking to my MoCCA allowance this year. So much good work out there!

In an unexpected yet pleasant twist, I won a MoCCA Arts Festival Award of Excellence for my silkscreen book, Narwhal! I'm so grateful to this year's judges and the Society of Illustrators for the honor. A special thank-you goes out to James Strum for rallying behind my little narwhals! Congratulations (and many high fives) to the other winners of the Award of Excellence: David Plunkert, Greg Kletsel, Luke Healy and Jess Ruliffson!

While this year's MoCCA has come to a close, my festival circuit has just begun. Next up: TCAF!


Hoo-ray, MoCCA Arts Fest opens tomorrow (see map here)! Above is a sampling of what I'll have on hand at the Three-Armed Squid table (D12). Additionally, I'll have copies of my Narwhal and Pulpo silkscreen books, Owl Maiden totes, and Llama Salutations greeting cards!.

We'll also be debuting the new issue of Three-Armed Squid's anthology, The Four Elementals, featuring work from Andrea Tsurumi, Jess Worby, Pam Wishbow, Will Varner and more!


MoCCA Arts Fest is quickly approaching! I will be tabling with fellow squid Alden Viguilla and Mauro Balcazar, a contributor in the upcoming issue of Three-Armed Squid. We’ll have lots of new comics, posters and silkscreen goodies at our table, D12, so drop by and say hello! MoCCA Fest is held at the 69th Regiment Armory, April 5-6, and will be open 11am – 6pm. Previews of everything I’m bringing soon!


My piece for Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence is up on Silver Screen Society!


Currently silkscreening a small edition of Best in Show zines for MoCCA Fest in April. Hoping to finish printing next week. More projects on the way!


Recently, I've been working on a short, triptych comic titled He Who Is Upon His Mountain. Keeping the ink washes and line art separate gives me greater control once scanned and imported into Photoshop. This comic will appear in a mini-comic collecting several of my short comics in time for the spring/summer festival circuit the next issue of Carboncito, due out this summer.


I recently wrapped up a short comic for the upcoming third issue of Quarter Moon, which will be out in time for Valentine's Day (which is appropriate because it's erotica themed). I rarely take process pictures when I work but I managed to remember to take a few while working on the first page. My process is a long one!

First, a quick thumbnail on my sketchbook to help me determine layout and pacing.

Then the sketch is enlarged, printed to scale and traced onto bristol vellum with my trusty Artograph Light Pad (I love this thing soooo much. Never runs hot! No warped paper!!). I pencil in more details in preparation for inking with Staedtler pencils in HB and 2B (However I pencil really lightly for some reason).

Panel borders are inked first, which serves as a good warm-up and gives the impression that you have accomplished more work than you actually have. Finally, I ink the pencil drawings with my Raphael red sable brushes (sizes 1 through 3), sumi ink and pro white for the mistakes.

I was given a sneak peek at some of the other contributors' work, which has me super STOKED to see the issue in person. Locust Moon will throw a release party in mid-February, so look out for more pictures then!


Another year has come and gone! Looking back at all I accomplished in the past year, I can say I met and sometimes went beyond my 2013 goals!

  • More comics & illustrations. Not only did I make more comics this year, but one of them was published in the first issue of Quarter Moon Magazine, curated by the cool folks over at Locust Moon Press. I'm currently working on a themed comic for their third issue, an a 1-page comic for their Little Nemo tribute anthology.
  • More collaborations. My friends and I self-published another issue of our zine anthology, Three Armed Squid, this time with a little help from our friends! The zine literally tripled in size. Our third issue is going to be EVEN BIGGER. Hold on to your tentacles. Good friend Kim Ku and I tag-teamed again to make another round of Rawrs & Noms, which to our surprise sold out at MoCCA.
  • More festivals. I upped my 2012 total of 3 to 4! This year will mark the first time I attend a festival in another country: TCAF!
  • More traveling. While I didn't exactly leave the country, I did make the rounds here in the good ol' USA! I visited Philadelphia a couple of times, spent a long weekend in Miami, attended a bachelorette party in Las Vegas and spent time relaxing in rural Pennsylvania (I don't go out much because of time and monetary constraints, so this is a lot for me!).
  • Group shows and more! I contributed work for AMMO Magazine's Poop Deck Project at the Coningsby Gallery, Small Ass Zines, and Silver Screen Society!

(Forgive my list-making. I love lists) I'm eternally grateful to everyone who helped me achieve my goals! 2014 is already shaping up to be a very promising year and I'm eager to see how it unfolds. Here's to the long and winding road…


Happy Holidays to all! It's been a busy couple of days (excluding a short getaway to Lewisberg, PA to visit friends!). There are 3 (!!!) comics in the works, plus some illustrations for Silver Screen Society on the queue. Recently, I made a tiny, tiny zine about kiwi birds competing in 'Best in Show' for Small Ass Zines, helmed by the lovely Ness Lee! SOOOO happy to be part of the group! I had fun drawing and inking these little guys. If you find yourself in Toronto, you can nab a small ass zine of your own for a loonie at Art Metropole.